Spiro / Beyond Citizenship

New markets, new identities… and G8 support?

Above: Cover of Peter Spiro‘s, Beyond Citizenship: American Identity after Globalization. See this entry (by the author, I believe) from the Oxford University Press USA blog here.

This book seems to offer a perfect prequel to citizenship and identity issues that
may arise from global social networks – “The Republic of Google” is more than a passing euphemism. Spiro, a Law professor at Temple University, offers up some tempting gems:

“The world soccer federation wants to clamp down on players who change their citizenship, with a special concern that Brazilians will otherwise come to dominate the World Cup, not just playing for Brazil (see the story here). The fact that there is a perception of a problem here shows that countries themselves don’t care if their teams actually consist of fellow national. They’re more interested in winning than in sticking to national solidarities.”

Related? In an interesting article from The Economic Times, G8 Labor Officials meeting in Japan “agreed on the need to create labor policies to support the so-called ‘working poor’ and other socially vulnerable people as well as the need to promote environmentally friendly workplaces.”

If you believe that, I can refer you to several enterprising people who have bridges for sale. A very fine one in Brooklyn, actually.

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Aha! The Internationale again, en français! (Performed here, I believe,
by Kermit the Frog.)

Oh, what a giveaway.

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