FIFA / Sepp Blatter for Six plus Five

National Identity vs. Global Identity


Above: Sepp Blatter at full stretch.

The FIFA President is coming out again (and again) against recent trends in international football, and the familiar six-plus-five model (a minimum of five “home-grown” players), is looking to be his cause once again. From the Sun (UK) article, “This rule will be fighting against the monopolies of clubs and leagues…
We are not fighting the problem of money but for the identity of national teams.”
Ahem… not about money? Au contraire, mon frère. See another review of these remarks in the Telegraph (UK).

The argument is familiar and the issue complex, but if you don’t believe Sepp, the new England national coach, Fabio Capello, an Italian, reckons that the three best players in the English Premiership are all “foreign” players Ronaldo, Torres, and Fabregas (see a video interview in today’s Sun, “Fabio Capello gives his verdict”).

That’s what I am going on and on about. Above photo is from a Majority Rights post with more background on this continuing debate (which so perfectly mirrors globalization phenomena worldwide).

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This is pretty interesting stuff. I’ve never followed football, especially in Eruope, considering the lack of coverage in this country.

That being said, I think it’s interesting to cross parallel this with American’s past time, Major League Baseball. There has been discussion in major media about the lack of black/white player identity in an ever growing latino based sport. They are coming in younger and hungrier considering the background/countries they come from. There was a fascinating interview with Miguel Tejada on an ESPN show called E:60 that probed exactly how Miguel got into the majors. It has some very interesting aspects to it.

The money that flows through Major League Baseball like wine is something also fascinating. There’s a reason major market teams are always in the playoffs. In the words of Craig Finn “It took Connecticut Yankees to buy back the series”

We are all really not that different.

Dylan C. Lathrop added these words on May 08 08 at 10:27 AM

How about that hockey, eh?! I imagine your insight is especially valid there, given the influx of European players… Interessante!

Erik Brandt added these words on May 08 08 at 4:12 PM

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