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The Maestro arrives in Ireland


Above: From the recent Bild interview coverage of Giovanni Trapattoni, the legendary Italian fussball manager. Trap gave another classic press conference recently, on taking over duties for the Irish National team. Famous for his icy relations with the Press and infamous for the “Ich habe fertig,” Wutrede he gave years ago (see below with English subtitles).

Above, he convincingly combines English, German, and Italian – while addressing his new adversaries, the Irish Press. This guy is crazy, like a fox.

Above: The infamous Wutrede, with English subtitles. Watch for the concluding remark, “Ich habe fertig,” directly translated: “I have ready.” Here is another version with Spanish subtitles.

Genial! Brilliant words from an equally amazing manager, a classic. Plus, he was right about Mehmet and Mario, they were playing like empty bottles. Ja, und hat gespielt, Mehmet, Basler, oder Trappatoni?!

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