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New Video tests boundaries.

Above: Justice’s new video, directed by Romain-Gavras. Warning: a disturbing short film focusing on the marginalized and disaffected urban youth that have begun to assert themselves in France over the past few years. Here, another recent article in Newswise warning of the impact of globalization on gangs, which are anticipated to spread internationally (as they have nationally).

From the article: “Globalization creates socioeconomic vacuums that are filled by a bewildering mix of gangs, said Hagedorn, UIC associate professor of criminal justice and a Great Cities Institute fellow. A gang can become an ethnic militia, a religious police force, a workforce for a drug cartel, or a death squad hired by the state, and some members become politicians or community organizers. Conversely, former child soldiers sometimes become gang members to survive, he said.”

(A major departure from this older post, even D.A.N.C.E. gets the boot.)

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I was THIS CLOSE to making a post about it guessing more toward MS-13 violence, but without a doubt French youth makes loads more sense.

Chris Burns added these words on May 07 08 at 11:29 PM

I think Larry Clark is a huge influence here too, and you are right to reference MS-13 — a well documented example of what Hagedorn is talking about.

Erik Brandt added these words on May 08 08 at 7:07 AM

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