MPLS / May Day Parade

Images from Powderhorn Park


Above: A mighty, mighty mushroom band. All images are from the May Day Parade last Sunday (May 4). Invited by our cultural cruise directors Hazel, Murphy, & Tozer (a highly influential local consulting group), we found a crowded spot close to the entrance of Powderhorn Park where the parade meets the day long festival.

As hints of SPF 100+ mixed with a smattering of patchouli, the parade delighted with various oddities and profundities.


Above: Grieving for lost souls? A silent demonstration evokes deeper questions.


Above: This fanciful group called for “Sweeping Change!”


Above: Flower power forever.


Above: A demonstration of excess and against excess in our culture. Apropo excess, look, an infinity photograph!


Above: Probably the most stunning puppet of the entire parade, a mighty bear strolled through the crowd.


Above: Trailing the main parade were several local political causes, this one was especially inspiring. More on Farheen Hakeem.

After a long winter, welcome relief! Happy May Day.

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I’m so glad you guys went to check out the Mayday parade! It is without a doubt one of the best events of the year. That’s how we roll in the MPLS!

Lump_Beefbroth added these words on May 06 08 at 10:15 AM

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Its nice to see minds at work even when fun is involved.

Stay warm me hearties.


chuck added these words on May 06 08 at 6:59 PM

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