Icograda / Indigo

New Global Design project launched in Australia


Above: From the Icograda site (Image: Meghan Kelly, MIX06,
Monash University).

Indigo is a remarkable new effort sponsored by Icograda, here some explanation from their own about page: “Indigo is a project that asks: What is Indigenous design? …Indigo seeks to understand what makes design distinctive to its home and the connections to the place where it is made and for whom it is made. The notion of local design is frequently contested, hard won and often indeterminate. It includes themes of colonisation, migration, politics, language, history, identity and conditions such as the economy and natural resources.”

The opening included a presentation by Cynthia Smith on Design for the Other 90%, currently on view at the Cooper-Hewitt in NYC. From their about information: “Of the world’s total population of 6.5 billion, 5.8 billion people, or 90%, have little or no access to most of the products and services many of us take for granted; in fact, nearly half do not have regular access to food, clean water, or shelter. Design for the Other 90% explores a growing movement among designers to design low-cost solutions for this “other 90%.”

UPDATE: In related news, this interesting discussion of how intellectual property rights directly effect the world’s poorest. From Techdirt.

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