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Above: Zaha Hadid‘s Guggenheim Vilnius. Read the full story
on Global Construction Watch.

001 From Global by Design
“The end of translation as we know it.” John Yunker weighs in with another
in-depth analysis of contemporary translation technology vs. the established
translation industry.

002 From the NY Times
“War Plans”, by Niall Ferguson. An excellent review of Philip Bobbitt’s new book “Terror and Consent”. An excerpt: ‘In the increasingly borderless world we associate with globalization, something new was emerging, which Bobbitt called (and continues to call) the “market-state.” This state’s relationship to its citizens resembles that between a corporation and consumers.’


003 From X-Rated Collection
Brilliant collection of adult movie posters from the 60′s and 70′s.
Above: The Telephone Book, 1971.


004 wowio
Via Dylan, an amazing free book resource.

005 From The Commonwealth Times
“The wheels of globalization could use a little grease”, by John S. Wilson.
Very interesting overview of contemporary issues with a twist, see following excerpt:
“As a junior at VCU, I have an intimate understanding of student loans, their benefits and their caveats. Current undergraduate- student-loan programs, both privately run and federally subsidized, do not feasibly take into consideration an older student who has multiple obligations: a mortgage or two, car loans and a looming retirement. The America’s Back to Work student loan program, however, could do the trick.”

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