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Above: From the Economist online. From a correspondent’s diary entry
called ‘Lush Life’, a fascinating article on the Russian language.

WARNING: Adult content with what could be described as shocking directness.
Even better? The amazing responses this article has generated,
see the comments here.

typo_obalka_29.jpeg typo_obalka_28.jpeg typo_obalka_26.jpeg typo_obalka_23.jpeg

001 Typo Magazine. Typographic wonder from the Czech Republic.
Filip Blažek, Editor.


Above: Photo from Paddy Brigg’s blog on Brand and Reputation.
002 ‘Shell’s Brand Shame’, by Paddy Brigg. A disarmingly friendly blog with a unique perspective on the Shell brand identity, seen here in New Zealand. Interesting?
Paddy identifies himself as the brand manager during the 1990-95 revision of
Shell’s global identity.

003 From: The NYTimes
‘The Vatican and Globalization: Tinkering with sin’, by Eduardo Porter. Really interesting discussion of the modernization of this Christian tradition’s thought :
expanding now to include sins like polluting, causing social inequity, and more.

004 From: The International Herald Tribune
‘For bargain-basement America, foreign investment no panacea’, by Peter S. Goodman. Found on Daniel Altman’s Managing Globalization blog. The article provides insight into the effects of globalization on Holland, Michigan.

005 From: The Guardian
‘Climate target is not radical enough — study’, by Ed Pilkington. Somewhat alarming revision in current thought on the real state of the global climate. Très Très alarming.

006 From: The CNW Group
‘Insight into Ageing in Our Societies: Canada to Host the International Federation on Ageing’s Global Conference in September 2008… an international gathering that will focus attention on the major issues affecting the ageing of people and of our societies.’

007 From: Logoblink.
Via Kindra Murphy. Apropo identity crisis and logo research…

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