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Sebastian Horsley: Dandy Denied!

Sebastian Horsley: Dandy Denied
On a strange, still noonday of March 2008 the British artist and writer Sebastian Horsley stood up in his trench and looked around and discovered an American customs official. The governments behind the front had known for some weeks that he had “nothing to declare but his genius.”

Political police systems—kindly reviewed in the New York Times—are today the foundation and bulwark of the CBP visa waiver program. The political police have a blunt instrument, which they use to ravish three-piece suits and top hats, laying a dandy up for a long painful period. After eight hours of questioning, Homeland Security wins the booby prize as the dupe of two extravagantly alcoholic parents.

Many sympathetic observers are still wondering why officials felt inspired to save Dick Cheney its experiment in prostitution, and why they chose such unsuitable ground to invite that spanking before an audience of literary critics. The agents of the Puritans have had no luck with language as an extreme sport and its likable psychopaths.

[Text hybrid by Elisabeth Workman: "Sebastian Horsley is a Dandy Devil" from the L.A. Times, 2008 + "A World Made Safe for Deaths of Democracy," by R.W. Rowan, 1937]

Says PEN America: “As you may have heard, British memoirist Sebastian Horsley was denied entry into the US on account of “moral turpitude.” As mentioned here before, PENlong opposed ideological exclusion, and even if Horsley is no Doris Lessing, laws like this shouldn’t be abided. has

“And so Horsley has been invited to this year’s World Voices Festival, April 28-May 4 in New York (with satellite events in Boston– i.e., Cambridge– and Rochester). With any luck, the US government will get the chance to exclude him once again, and draw further attention to this frankly un-American policy.”

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Farewell then Sebastian Horsley, a troubled friend, one of us, and one who didn't make it, http://is.gd/cUsqi

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