Fontstruct / Font Shop International

Beta-version with much promise.


Above: Fontruct, a beta version of a new venture from Font Shop International.
Free downloads, develop your own modular typeface, and more.

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Thanks. Another reason to put off my homework. >.>

Mitchell Lewis added these words on Apr 06 08 at 9:07 PM

Something more constructive:
Do you think it’s possible for a classic font to be a product of this new program? Will the next Helvetica come from someone with no design training at all using something like this? I mean, it’s a good thing, don’t get me wrong. But does it start to devalue us as designers when someone can pick up a font design program and, in minutes, make something world renowned? I dunno, this is something I will need to let stew for awhile…

Mitchell Lewis added these words on Apr 06 08 at 9:14 PM

Good point, Mitchell. You can imagine how type designers feel! A corresponding phenomena in contemporary music, the rise of Vampire Weekend, equally questionable in “traditional” music circles, i.e. no real live cred.

You can see the iTunes model at work here, just as with Linotype’s effort to bring in potential customers through their excellent FontExplorerX. The model seems to read, interaction (and a sense of community?) equals potential sales? Customer loyalty through mutually shared activities – at the beginning, designing “upstart” fonts. Maybe after that, the participant/consumer recognizes that modular faces cannot compare to the product of a true type designer?

All in all, this is extremely positive, I know design educators everywhere will love this tool for type classes.

Erik added these words on Apr 09 08 at 7:58 AM

I have to admit, that I don’t see a problem in this little gadget. The fonts you can get with it, or on the page are just all these pixel-grit fonts, you sometimes could need for flyers or record covers, but never for a proper readable textdesign. None of these fonts would bring in any money if you would design them in the oldstyle way, and if you would try to sell them. I don’t really see them as products from a »typedesigner«. Fontshop would never hand out anything opensource, what could affect their idea of selling things/fonts.
I just don’t understand why they display some serious buyable fonts like Cholla etc. on this page.
It is definitely a nice tool to play around with, use it for other design ideas,.. but nothing more. You still need to know what you are doing with it. And this is, what makes you a designer.

verena added these words on Apr 10 08 at 1:22 AM

never for a proper readable textdesign! that’s silly. i think ill take that challenge perhaps.

Chris Burns added these words on Apr 10 08 at 9:10 AM

Go for it, if you have some spare time left :-)
I look forward to the results.

verena added these words on Apr 10 08 at 9:46 AM

Just noticed a very brief review in Digital Thread here Fontstruct

Erik Brandt added these words on Apr 12 08 at 4:41 PM

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