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Call for Response


Above: Detail from the “River to Infinity–The Vanishing Points” exhibition by
Andréa Stanislav at the Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program
and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Site Q is the name given by scientists to the recently discovered “ mystery Mayan city of fabulous art” in an area long known as La Carona, Guatemala. Quickly, what I like about the idea of Site Q is not its potentially great revelation for art historians in a “Romancing the Stone” way. What is of interest is its detached, generic name, and the implication that this site–a terrain frequented by “drug traffickers, clandestine loggers, illegal ranchers” and scientists alike–is somehow still in question.

So, in this spirit of the questionable, I’m posting Day 1 of a so-called poem-a-day series. It is National Poetry Month (April, the cruelest), and poets across the country are madly scribbling questionable daily verse.

I intend to post these experiments (not even poems, definitely not poemy poems) here to invite graphic responses or responses in any medium. Here’s today’s:

SITE Q 001

have you come up yet
with something, fools, struck
by line item scythe >>> george
wears a crotch amulet [ruby]
if he’s not wearing it you know
a painting’s not real [period]

percentages pronounced
pinchy! and noooooooo
that’s not what my inbox
is for!!!!!! i have come
to lasso the headless
[rhinestone] horses and maybe
I am her to upset the she

is here to all the way the
president>>>there are 45 vices
presidents 65% jungle collectors 89%
cannibally who say first I’ve gotta find
myself to make head [stars] charts to

we can’t have dolphins
in the building and none

on page 25 where the painting of the p-
resident holding the remote control
subconsciously licks the looming
european corona

prepares for sword swallowing
next and a suck my era

Site Q © Elisabeth Workman 2008

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