Dylan C. Lathrop / Poetic Prophet se hablo CSS

Above: The Poetic Prophet’s video for his hit single, “Design Coding”

Dylan C. Lathrop writes: A solid friend, Tristan Thiel, passed this along to me just recently. Biggie rapped about making it, Pac rapped about the hardships, The Poetic Prophet writes about CSS coding. Finally! Our time has come! Rejoice, y’all!

A snippet of Poetic Prophet’s Lyrics:

A clear call to action to increase the temptation
Use appealing graphics they create motivation
If you have animation
Use with moderation
Cause search engines can’t index the information
Display the logos of all your associations
Highlight your contact info that’s an obligation

Code on!

Geotypografika sees the light. Dank u well, Dylan. See more of Dylan’s thoughts on his unequal design blog.

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