Chris Burns / Things from biking around town.

A bike is a tool for investigative reports.

Above: clearly the work of RVS, a common Minneapolis tag.

Chris Burns writes: When I want to enter paradise, all I have to do is hop on my 25th Anniversary chrome Mongoose bike. On it I can cover many miles in a day with only Mexican Coke as my fuel.

2005 work by an amazing face/eye artist who seems to have disappeared since.
I remember there being several of these that year, the others in places where
they were since covered or taken down.

Amalgamation of pipe.

I probably shouldn’t have been in the area required to take this photo.
Could someone educated please translate this sign into English?
(Photo is a link to a larger version)

Target bag lost in a tree. Expect more, pay less.
More to come.

See more from Chis Burns on his most excellent Dai Suki blog.

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(left) “Don’t make a lot of noise. Don’t throw garbage in the streets. Thank you for your cooperation.”

(right): “Friends, don’t park on the other side of the street. Thanks.”

We can thank my roommate Vicky for the translation!

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super mega graciaaaas Vickyyy

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