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Geotypografika Berlin, er, Kreuzberg!


Verena Gerlach writes: Winter is over! Yesterday, the Germans got the summer time back. We now are one hour earlier again. And this morning I also found the first bit of sunshine on our balcony! Plus 18°C and sunny today.

Relating to Erik’s walk around town, I would like to share the first signs of spring in Kreuzberg (Berlin) with you. What you should know is, that it is very important to be a real Kreuzberger. (Hard as nails. – Ed.)


This sticker is for a movie about a famous outdoor swimming pool in the neighborhood: Prinz(essinn)enbad. Translation: “I’m from Kreuzberg, you pussy.” The pool will reopen next month, so it is just a short time to get back in shape.

But what is so special about springtime in Kreuzberg? Just have a look to Nature, shooting fresh street art and street culture.







Translation: “Politics is the entertainment department of economy.”


Geotypografika says domo arigato gozaimashtah to Verena Gerlach, type designer/educator extraordinaire. Geotypografika welcomes submissions from all over the world, please write here with your own stories and images of your environment.

See more from Verena at her own website as well as a new venture, Typeladies, with Andrea Tiennes and Veronika Burian.

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