Recession / Reshmeshon

Is everytin’ ire?


Above: From today’s Kleine Zeitung in Grasz, Austria. Literally, “The fat years are over.” (From Newseum.)

What is happening out there? Look to this recent interview by Carmela Cruz in Foreign Policy in Focus with Prof. Josef Stiglitz. His latest, The Three Trillion Dollar War, is also discussed in the light of the overall economic prognosis he gives.

Prof. Stiglitz is also the author of the acclaimed Globalization and Its Discontents, and Making Globalization Work.

UPDATE: In related issues, see this fascinating analysis of current trends in human resource management in SHRM (Society for HumanResources Management) by Kathy Gurchiek. In “Globalization, Productivity Not Among Top HR Priorties,” she cites an especially interesting opinion from Chris Hagler, “Moreover, most employers take a narrow, local view when considering demographic trends… Long-term measures such as strategic workforce planning are off the radar of HR leaders, who could benefit from workforce planning scenarios that consider a worldwide labor pool.”

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This is so funny, a recent NPR piece ‘Recession Reshmeshon’ has some interesting comments on the title’s vernacular. The late comment includes a link to this ol’post. :-)

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