MN Graphic Screams / MN Power Couples

Above: Hilarious and enlightening video with Aestethic Apparatus, starring Minneapolis based designers Dan Ibarra and Micheal Byzewski (power couple warning one). I visited AA last week and they don’t scream at all, in fact they were really nice and spoke very softly about very important things. Like science.

I found the video after finding Kelly English (Dan’s esposa… power couple warning two) has a great collection of her work available online here.


Above: Kelly‘s collaboration with the equally amazing Kindra Murphy, power couple warning three. Some promotional materials for a letterpress shop in Minneapolis,
Studio on Fire.


Above: Three color silk-screen poster collab
between Kelly and Dan.

In the words of Moniseur Albini, all of the above have the rrrock. Not really sure if The Great Albini rolls his r’s, but check out their work, you will be tempted to try.

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