68 Hendrix Poster / Redux

Long overdue re-post from Phil


Above: A bit of typographic history history via Phil in Golden Valley, MN, with an amazing story to go along with it – he was actually there. I am re-posting this (with sincere apologies to Phil), since it was lost in the reactor meltdown of March 10.

Phil writes: Here’s a little JPEG of my Zurich Jimi Hendrix poster – I was at this concert, which was pretty good, but Cream wasn’t actually there because they were by then on their first American tour. The building was also a bike racing stadium, so there was a slanted wood floor around the center oval. The poster is pretty much standard size – 3 x 4(?) maybe, in lime green which has faded a little. As you can see I hung it up in various dorm rooms and apartments. I’ve always sort of understood it was “Swiss punk” but I don’t know much else about the movement or general style.

I was able to bring it to Antiques Road Show when they came to St. Paul, but the poster guy wasn’t as impressed with it as I wanted him to be – still, he said it was maybe around $675 or so. Meanwhile, I’m keeping it.

The Hallenstadion is still there. I can add a little more about the event, and I have a kind of teen magazine from the time. I guess the Rolling Stones had been in Zurich a year or two before, and there’d been some kind of riot with chair smashing, etc. So the police were supposedly on guard and worried about similar reactions. During the show people started coming down from the upper seats and they had to transit across that bicycle track, and so to confound them the security people sprayed something – some kind of oil – that smelled like bananas.

The show itself was fine but Hendrix was having a little trouble with his effects pedals or amps, so he wasn’t exactly burning things up or anything. Eric Burdon was almost more memorable, because this was early in his solo career and he wanted to show films with the songs.

He had this song called “Sky Pilot” which I kind of think was about religion sanctioning war, and during the montage there were images of Hitler. The Swiss audience made a sound like cheering when he showed up, which kind of spooked us, but a German friend explained it was their form of booing. And once they brought the lights up between songs, and didn’t turn them down again for the next song.

Burdon yelled about needing the lights off, and got no immediate response, so he screamed “SHUT THE FUCKING LIGHTS OFF.” After a few moments a soft Swiss voice said, “Licht aus auf der Bühne, bitte.”

Lights off on the stage, please.

Geotypografika says Danke Schön again, Phil.

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I have a website concerning the Hendrix gig in Switzerland, http://www.monsterkonzert.ch that is.
I would love to get in touch with Phil. Maybe you can arrange something ?
Greetz from Swiss California. Marcel

Marcel Aeby added these words on Mar 10 09 at 5:28 AM

Servus, Marcel! I forwarded your info and website to Phil, am sure he will get in touch with you. I love your website and am grateful to finally know the designer of the poster above, Dithard von Rabenau!

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Marcel Aeby added these words on Mar 17 09 at 6:15 AM

Hello there Phil
I collect original 1960′s concert posters on jimi Hendrix,the who,rolling stones and bob Dylan. I would pay 3,000 for the Hendrix poster!

Andrew 310-346-1965

andrew added these words on Apr 27 15 at 2:13 PM

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