Chris Burns / Campbells Soup Closet, LA

What is left to explore when we all have the same eyes?

Chris Burns writes: This hand-painted closet is presently located in an outdoor store on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles California. Sitting a door down from stores Union, Stussy, and Undefeated, this closet represents the same spirit that they do: Los Angeles and New York are one and the same.

Over this next week I will provide further insight into the idea that Anywhere America has a very firm grip on Southern California.

Bonus: either it’s been sitting at the market for a long time, or the StreetView car took its photo recent enough that the closet appears on Google:

*The photos in this and further California entries were taken by me, Chris Burns, as I have been visiting Southern California this past week. Thank you, Los Angeles, for a wonderful time.

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