Bouthayna Al-Muftah / Richmond, VA

Mabrouk Bouthayna!


Above: Poster by Bouthayna Al-Muftah from a Typography One
class I taught in VCUQatar in Spring 2007.


Bouthayna’s posters are featured in the 2008 VCU Juried Student Show at the Anderson Gallery in Richmond, VA. Her work is exhibited in the entrance room (high profile) of the Anderson. I will post pictures of her work in situ as soon as possible.


My eternal thanks to Don Crow and the wonderful Anderson Gallery staff (especially Barbara!), you have no idea what a happy event this is.

Mash Allah, Bouthayna! Mabrouk! I am so happy for your success, a thousand Mabrouks! For more examples of student work form recent years, please visit my static site here. Irashai!

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