Urbi et Orbi

Please make mine the P-Funk…


Irashaimase! You want the bomb, you want the P-Funk, you want your funk, funked up. A new day with a new theme for Geotypografika. Please excuse the mess while I clean up in here, and reorganize a few things.

Though I loved the last theme, Modio, by Upstart Blogger (originally designed by Robert Ellis at Futurosity), this design by Derek Punsalan is based on his Grid Focus theme available at 5thirtyone. Derek dedicated this free theme to breast cancer awareness, and it is called Pink for October.

Please forgive any interruption in service, I am trying to create a more easily accessible database as well as a larger laboratory to work in. Feel free to comment here or
write me directly.

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UPDATE MAR 24 17:55PM CT: Aha, and you came here for an argument! As you can see, there were some problems with the switch. So I am pulling the launch and starting over. Sorry all, something happened with the comments in the new theme (they disappeared).

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