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The world as oyster.


Above: Amazônia Hoje, from Belém, Brazil. Also featured on the Resources page, check in with Newseum daily, front pages from around the world. How simple, our twin fascinations with life and death.

001 From: Ad Week
“Form + Function,” by Brian Morrissey. Interesting projection on the “new viral,” design solutions focused on business solutions and online social interaction.


002 Newsmap
The best site ever? Courtesy of Ashley Becker, this visual news aggregator is simply wonderful. Image above is aktuell as of 10:09 CT March 20, 2008, and reflects the headlines from the Indian feed, in all categories.


003 Random Got Beautiful
Apropo visual aggregates, see above site (red section) referenced by Computer Love a few days back. Apropo loving your computer, another great link to MOMA’s interesting color experiment.


004 Hindi Rinny
Geotypografika hopes to feature more on this amazing blog hosted by Erin Mclaughlin in Minneapolis. Hindi Rinny is an incredible resource for studying and discussing Indian typographic and graphic issues, see above collection of typographic samples from Indian film posters. Brilliant blog that deserves daily visits. See more of Erin’s work here.

005 From the Los Angles Times and The Daily Zaman
“EGYPT: Broken marriage and globalization,” by Jeffrey Fleishman. A sad little ditty mirrored in this article on the modern Turkish family by Hasan Kanbolat from The Daily Zaman. Food for thought.

006 The Machine is Us/ing Us
From Professor Mike Wesh, this video has already been viewed by over a half-million viewers. You might also be familiar with another wonderful short from Wesh, A Vision of Students Today, a melancholy look into student life from October, 2007.


007 Follow the Money
Apropo color theory and news aggregators, check Fundrace 2008 from the Huffington Post, an excellent resource for watching our nation slowly turning purple?

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