Found / Estados Unidos

The reds with the blues.


Above: Sticker found in Minneapolis. The mark on the lapel seems a subtle hint
at the lapel flag pin controversy.

Kismet? From the Google feed this morning, a story on Changethethought, an amazing site run by Christopher Cox. There, this incredible overview of work he has done for the Obama Campaign. The typographic audacity of Cox’s work is intriguing, and his site is an incredible resource.


Above: Poster by Christopher Cox on Changethethought. Visit his site and explore the many resources, I was fascinated by these finds:


Above: Design Charts. A listing of web sites. Chicken/Egg: Factory Records first, Design Charts second, non?


Above: Super Steil website entry page. Super steep.

Super sweet.

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That first “sticker” is one of two Shephard Fairey posters done up for Obama’s campaign. There is one that is the same with the word “CHANGE” beneath it. They have been selling like hot cakes on this here ol interweb.

Dylan C. Lathrop added these words on Mar 12 08 at 9:10 AM

Most excellent, Dylan! I knew the Obama sticker wasn’t official (no Obama Campaign data save for a website reference). Which came first? Or is this just the grab bag of Obama Campaign approved images?

Erik Brandt added these words on Mar 12 08 at 9:15 AM

1. Progress screenprint, then/and street pasters, stickers, street art campaign the week before Super Tuesday on
progress screenprint is a run of 350,
with 5000 or so offset thing paper pasters sent out mostly to California residents, but also to people across the US, including to businesses like Rhymesayers Entertainment.

2. Hope offset release of 600, also released through


3. Change offset, edition of 5000, sold only through

*after HOPE, the image has become so well recieved that the Obama campaign requests that Shepard Fairey do a new print for them, making sure to make a NEW image so that they don’t get tied directly to the graffiti aspect, but retain the street-coolness of Shepard Fairey’s artwork.

Chris Burns added these words on Mar 19 08 at 6:07 PM

*thin paper, not THING paper

Chris Burns added these words on Mar 19 08 at 6:08 PM

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