Aktuell / Death to Helvetica?

HiPic + Stephen Banham speaks at Tasmeem Doha 2008


Above: HiPic screen grab from 08:09 AM CT. HiPic is a web-based project currently focused on Beijing. User uploaded photographs change every 60sec, and this hasn’t stopped since the projects inception in September, 2007. Also visit the Shanghart Art Gallery‘s HiPic exhibition, open since the end of February.

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Above: Stephen Banham’s Death to Helvetica T-Shirt from Letterbox Design.

001 Tasmeem Doha 2008
An international design conference hosted by VCU Qatar, this year’s design speakers include Stephen Banham and Irma Boom, among other notables. A related story from the Doha daily The Penninsula is available here. Boom is quoted as discussing designer as author issues.

Here is a fond Salaam and Mabrouk to all of the Tasmeem organizers and my former students and colleagues in Doha.


002 from Design Week (UK):
“China’s Rise Hits Graphic Design,” by Zhang Hongxing. Above: Detail of City Fly Poster by Perk. From the Victoria & Albert Museum exhibition, the provocative title of the article yields to an interesting historical overview of Chinese graphic design. Hongxing is a co-curator of this new exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and provides a stimulating overview. Stopping short of a true prognosis for the future (and omitting the vast numbers of “un-trained” or traditional sign painters, etc.), this is still fascinating stuff.

003 from the NYTimes (US):
“City on the Gulf: Koolhaas lays out a grand urban experiment in Dubai,” by Nicolai Ouroussoff. Abi Chase kindly shared this link recently to yet another tale of anything-is-possible-in-Dubai. Koolhaas’ vision is typically inspiring and controversial, as his “generic city” concept reaches potential application? Visit the incredible OMA site (Office for Metropolitan Architecture) for more information.

004 from Today’s Zaman (TR):
“IOM’s Busatti: We’re fighting the ugly face of globalization.” A tragic view of the world’s human trade problem, as seen in the light of globalization.

005 from Business Standard (IN):
“European Real Estate Giant enters India.” Yoo by Starck (Phillipe), a “branded” interior design concept announces it’s intent to enter the fray.

006 from byte level research:
“The Web Globalization Report Card 2007,” by John Yunker. A massive undertaking, Yunker’s review focuses in part on how accessible websites are by language, Google rates first. Yunker’s Country Codes of the World poster was just featured in Communication Arts as well.

007 from PingMag (JP):
Fascinating stuff from on so+ba, Alex Sonderegger and Susanna Baera, a Tokyo-based Swiss design duo. I spotted this story after Kindra Murphy forwarded this link to a past PingMag article from December on Iranian Typography.

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