Sarajevo on our mind

Alternative Advertising PUR: Fabrika / Ideologija


Above: Black Holes poster by Fabrika for a Reporters Without Borders campaign spotted here by the intrepid Colin Trechter.


Above: From Fabrika’s profound Postcards. Fabrika, the well known Sarajevo advertising firm, is at the visual political front as usual.

Interestingly, a former student from Bosnia, Lejla Niksic, wrote yesterday with word of Fabrika from her graphic outpost in Doha, Qatar. Lejla recommends these infamous and tragic postcards on Sarajevo’s desperation and agony during the siege of 1993.


Above: Lejla also recommends this Sarajevo firm, Ideologija. Equally ad hominem and seemingly fearless, these two firms speak volumes for the directness and world-weariness of the regional graphic scene. The messages they are creating challenge and provoke, and are impossible to ignore.

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