El Qahira / Cairo Aktuell

Mona Makhlouf shares these latest billboards


Above: Cairo, Egypt billboards from a few days ago. Mona is driving and taking photographs of, as she says, “visual pollution.” That is truly terrifying. The driving part, not the billboards.


Above: Cairo, Egypt. Mona captures a lovely Taxi (that looks like it was there
when I was in 1980-85). Note how traffic indicators are flexible, here, what is clearly marked as two lanes can just as easily serve four, or more.


Above: Cairo, Egypt. Interesting that the roman forms dominate the hierarchy.


Above: Cairo, Egypt. Something for everyone?


Above: Cairo, Egypt. Thanks for the photos, Mona! You are the bravest graphic designer I know. Driving in Cairo is not driving, it is full-on racing.

Kiotsukite onegaishimasu!

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traffic jam everywhere in cairo, n yes i m sad to capture such a thing but this is the truth driving in egypt is not that easy at all so yeah i consider that a brave thing to do hehehhe

i just wish that cairo would be billboardless for one day, n traffic jam less for a while

but hey as the saying goes what doesn’t kill u makes u stornger

so here u go

good luck to me

Mona added these words on Mar 04 08 at 3:45 PM

Stay safe, Mona! Am sure you will be fine!

Erik Brandt added these words on Mar 05 08 at 9:44 AM

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