Aktuell / More Puzzlin’ Evidence?

As David Byrne, Scientist, might say…


Above: From the Guardian Weekly, photo by Rajen Nair.
“A dying art in India,” by Kumbharwada Kanthilal, a potter who chronicles the demise of the pottery trade in India. Some might say the oldest art form.

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001 From On the Media (NPR):
“Head Space,” by Clive Thompson. (Illustration: Ocarte) From December, this audio/transcript discusses the now infamous Prince Street billboard that features ultrasound messages that resonante in your skull. (I mentioned this in class the other day and I think my students thought I was crazy. So there.)

002 From Business Week (Asia Section):
“The Seoul of World Design,” by Moon Ihlwan.

003 From the Los Angeles Times:
Films from Cinema’s New World: Eastern and Southern Europe,” by Robert Abele. Preview of an intriguing USC Film Festival.

004 From the Guardian:
“Classics of everyday design No 34,” by Jonathan Glancey. The mighty, mighty lego.

005 From Sports Central:
“Globalization or de-Americanization?” by Tom Kosinski. Interesting analysis of the world tennis game through the light of globalization.

006 From the BBC (UK):
“Eriksson Upbeat on Thaksin Future.” Man City Manager downplays Thaksin’s arrest upon returning to Thailand to face various charges. At stake? Almost USD $1.6 Billion in frozen assets. The true game.

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