Nokia enters Brazilian Design Education

Press release on new collaboration in Rio


Geotypografika: Follow the link for a Nokia press release (through Hugin) on their new collaboration with the Design School of UniverCidade in Rio de Janeiro. Guess where they opened a facility last year? The press release features interesting language as well. An excerpt follows:

Nokia opens satellite design studio in Rio de Janeiro
Move reflects growing influence of Latin American design and culture
on global design trends

Espoo, Finland – Nokia has opened a satellite design studio in Rio de Janeiro reflecting the increasing impact Latin American style and culture is expected to have on the future design of mobile devices and services. Based at the Design School of UniverCidade, it will bring together Nokia designers, students and established local designers to explore new trends and ideas that will influence products for the Latin American and global markets.

The satellite studio is the second in a series Nokia is establishing in the world’s hottest new design capitals. The first was opened in Bangalore, India, last year. Set up in partnership with leading design schools in each country, the fixed term studios bring Nokia designers directly into contact with local cultures and influences that will help inspire new design ideas and provide local students with hands on experience of working with a world class global design team. more

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