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Above: 24 x 36 (inches) poster by John Yunker from Byte Level Research.
Available for purchase, see link. Yunker explains that all internet country codes are sized according to relative population, though India and China are reduced by 30% to accommodate them.

Related News Links
001 From the EETimes (IN):
“India rides new wave of globalization,” by Richard Wallace. A must read article describing a new “geography of innovation,” centered now in India, China, and Israel (according to this article). See above world map by John Yunker for a powerful statement on the obvious.

002 From the BBC (UK):
“Jobs for the children of globalization,” by Tim Weber. An interesting discussion of the new demands on education in a global market, anyone changing their curriculum in the near future?

003 From the St. Louis Business Journal (US):
“Longworth: St. Louis has an uphill battle with globalization.” A mid-western take on the challenges of globalization for a region dominated by farming and heavy industry (both under the gun).

004 From the Ottawa Citizen (CA):
“Globalization the way of the future for the NHL?” I have posted before on the English Premier Leagues controversial decision to seek broader venues around the world (met with heavy resistance). Here is an interesting debate from a land where
hockey is life, Canada!

005 From Manufacturing Business Technology:
“An unspoiled ride…” by Karen Dilger. Just when you thought your track bike was enough, a surprisingly broad-based group creates a bicycle with a filtration system for the “the 1.1 billion people in the world who don’t have access to clean drinking water.”

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