Aktuell / Pakistan Blocks YouTube

Attempt to block site spreads worldwide


CNN International report on Pakistan’s decision to block access to YouTube.
In the few minutes it took to try and create this link, they have updated the image
to a flag burning…


Moments ago it was a man shutting computers down in an internet cafe. Not as scarry, no? Plus, CNN itself cites the flag burning as related to the Danish cartoon protests.

It’s bad enough they are trying to restrict access to information, but inevitable
that the business of the news tries to take advantage? Nothing new of course.

But telling.

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After reading this post, I became fascinated with this controversy. While looking for info on images of Mohammed, I couldn’t find many non-slanted articles. I found out some interesting info about the origin of the ban on images of Mohammed.

Here is a link to a PDF essay about this subject.

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