Al Jazeera Banners

English website features interesting micro-content


Above: Al Jazeera banner cluster from the front page of their English site. Interestingly, a link for US voters overseas, a first in my daily scans.

A recent Geotypografika Interview with James Bertoni pointed to serious issues with a growing area of contemporary design practice (and function!). I find it fascinating to compare these and similar tactics in static environments like news papers (see recent post, Around the World in 00:01:20)


Above: More banners as story links from Al Jazeera. Subtle, but audacious (see the Cartoon banner).

Worried about their accountability? Based in Qatar and funded by the Emir, they have been scathingly critical of the treatment of foreign workers there, and do play an important role in balancing world information sources against each other.

Given that this excellent news source is dominated by former BBC staff, the ambition and quality of their reporting is underrated I think. At the very least, it is a contentious and viable alternative news source from the region.

The documentary film Control Room, based on Al Jazeera’s coverage of the beginning of the last Gulf War, is a must see film.

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