Aktuell / Greg Mills

Starting to talk with Minneapolis


Above: Recent work from Greg Mills. See his instant archive, here.


Above: In-process proposal from Greg Mills. Greg is developing an entire language ranging from the abstract to the concrete. His ambition is to install this developing work all over the city. For more, visit his instant archive.

One Response to “Aktuell / Greg Mills”

I’m not even going to front. These beats are whack.

Please allow my words to ring true. There are rules amongst thieves. There are rules amongst street artists. There are rules amongst graffiti designers. Greg Mills is a graffiti designer. I use graffiti as a negative term here.

Street art is artwork that attempts to communicate in a way that, although illegal, has major political and social implications: street artists work toward goals be they positive or negative, affecting the public in a real way.

These messages by Greg Mills not only have unreachable and perhaps nonexistent meanings, they’ve crossed the line into the kind of graffiti thats rightly titled Vandalism.

This is not speaking with Minneapolis, it is interrupting it.

This is speaking with Minneapolis.

It must be unused and improved upon.

This city is FULL of EMPTINESS. Greg Mills has the drive and the resources to speak with the city. I do not believe that covering up someone else’s letters is a conversation. I do not believe that saying nothing is a conversation.

Has Greg Mills found the graffiti caches in this city? Has Greg Mills traveled the train tracks with his bicycle? I feel like these posters are like books written by a person who has only ever read magazines.

Chris Burns added these words on Feb 28 08 at 6:48 PM

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