Sacre Vache / Ten Years of Printed Matter

Sumimasen, mina-san!
Yo soy El Conejo.


It’s not easy being green. Servus Freunde! Here I am pleased to show you
some work starting from post-DVC days, Summer, 1998.

Seuchz, no more old school days. By my outfit you can see I was a scientist.
Wissenschaft. (Photo by John Dixon circa 1997)


Summer 1998 Zirkel System Typeface Poster. For VCU CDE DVC
Quote is from Piet Zwart. I love Piet and circles. Und El Lissitzky.
Now Olaf love Inge too.


Fall 1998 Letterpress promotion for the Bowe House, my beloved
Virginia Communist home. First office space in adjunct days.


Fall 1998 200 Posters Exhibition. VCU Systems Class. Richmond, VA.
This is a telephone pole survivor, the rain made it better.

This is when I understood the biology of graphic design.


Fall 1999 Made with discarded Kodak wrapping, I wanted to show
my class at Beaver College that you could make something beautiful
for free.

This is when I tried to share our love for making things.


Fall 1999 Post Millenial Fizzy Exhibition Card.
Beaver College Art Gallery. Somehow found its
way into Charlie 01.


Spring 2000 T-Shirt for my students. Beaver College.
This is when I gave them my heart.


Fall 2000 Corita Scott Kent Exhibition. Screen printed by 4BVRs.
Beaver College Art Gallery.


¡ü16.øäk! Servus card 2000


Spring 2001 Tovar Estovo (click here for old website).
Pre 9/11. Screen printed by 5BVRs. There are many
secrets here.


Spring 2001 Philadelphia AIGA Feedback Redux
(Student Portfolio Review)


Spring 2002 Penn State University.
Typographic freedom.

Fall 2002 A Living Picture of Meeting House Square. Dublin, Ireland
For Richard Torchia, Philadelphia camera obscura artist.

This is when I felt I had the rock.


Fall 2002 The Circular Ruins. For my friend Christopher Thomas.
Penn State Zoller Gallery.


Fall 2002 The Circular Ruins. Penn State Zoller Gallery.
Flyers printed on telephone book pages.


Fall 2002 The Circular Ruins. Penn State Zoller Gallery.
Flyers printed on telephone book pages.


Spring 2002 Appalachian Alchemy. Bellefonte, PA Blue Grass Band.
True story: this amazing band broke up as soon as I delivered these
(and Daniel’s has since burned to the ground).


My faithful friend Rudi of the Mountains.
Eater of L


Spring 2002 Letterpress sketch. I’d like to have a wallet that says
Bad Muthafucka too.

This is when I felt bad about skewing type. Well, not that bad.


Spring 2002 Cards urging students to reapply to the GD program.
The Pennsylvania State University.


Fall 2002 Rejected poster/flyer. This was when I
burned a bridge.



Fall 2002 Cards for a rogue hallway exhibition. Central PA.
The Pennsylvania State University.


Summer 2003 Liberal Arts Magazine. The Pennsylvania State University,
College of Liberal Arts. I wanted red polka-dots on a white ground,
where the cyan is.

Summer 2003 Letterpress poster sketch. Central PA, mina-san, not much more to say.
A message to an enemy at the time, who said I was a bad typographer.


Spring 2003 Young’s Karate Tournament. Master Young, a renowned master and humble host of this annual event, told me later that he had to take much abuse for being a “hippie,” after his friends in the field saw these posters and flyers.


Fall 2003 Tensions of Change Conference. The Pennsylvania State University,
College of Liberal Arts.


Fall 2003 Tensions of Change Conference. The Pennsylvania State University,
College of Liberal Arts.


Fall 2003 Rita Dove. The Pennsylvania State University,
College of Liberal Arts.


Fall 2004 Demo Against the RNC. Poetry reading,
for Rattapallax, NY, NY. I gave this effin’ coward the panties he deserves and called this the Monstratio poster.


Fall 2004 Young’s Karate Tournament.
Bellefonte, PA.


Spring 2005 Another September 11. Rattapallax Poetry reading at the New School. New York, NY. Casagrande poetry reading on the events of September 11, 1973. Santiago, Chile.

Remember Allende and the day before, before the army came.
(Joe Strummer)


Spring 2005 Flyer. Doha, Qatar.


Spring 2006 Ro’yah. VCUQ Student Photography posters/publication
for Sally Van Gorder.


Spring 2006 Ro’yah. VCUQ Student Photography posters/publication
for Sally Van Gorder.


Summer 2006 a_city_a_cloud. Poster for Elisabeth Workman, poem,
and Barbara Campbell, paintings.



Summer 2007 opolis. Printed in Doha, Qatar. Poem by Elisabeth Workman.


Summer 2007 Wedding invitation for Carrie and Paul.


Fall 2007 New business card sticker mini-posters.


Spring 2008 Die Neue Geotypografika.

Spring 2008 PEN World Voices/Rattapallax Film Festival. NY, NY.


Flower for Akira, 1997.

Zenbu dai-jobu, Ouchi-san?

For more examples of my work and gutsu posu,
please be my guest in tÿpøgrafika.

Vive le dessin graphique.
El Conejo VIVE


6 Responses to “Sacre Vache / Ten Years of Printed Matter”

WOOOOWHOOO. STANDING OVATION Sir Brandt. Thanks for uploading all of this. Oh, I saw the Sister Corita Kent exhibit at BEAVER’S College—You were there, eh? I guess we were in Pennsylvania at the same time…

kindraishere added these words on Feb 16 08 at 9:06 PM

Thanks for saying so, Kindra! Philly, yo! Did you find the secret hockey team in the Tovar Estovo site?

Erik Brandt added these words on Feb 17 08 at 8:30 AM

a quote from Matisse- which seems to fit
” A man who has meditated on himself for a certain length of time comes back to life sensing the position he can occupy. Then he can act effectively.”
So many never occupy! and yet you have Erik- well done.

Janice Brandt added these words on Feb 17 08 at 9:13 AM

so jetzt habe ich deine Arbeit gefunden, ja man sieht eine gute Entwicklung und das Finden eines Stils, mach so weiter alter Junge – deine politische Weltwanderung ist hochinteressant.
Bin gespannt auf Neues….gb

gunther added these words on Feb 17 08 at 7:19 PM

it’s sunny outside, at least that what the windown promises. found myself on your website again. Barabara Campbell is exhibiting at 1708 tonight and I hope to the work soon.

all love to you and Beth. Happy New Year – the sun will come.\don

Donald Crow added these words on Jan 08 10 at 4:02 PM

Ha! Te encontre! And I did not expect you to be wearing a rabbit costume. Tampoco esperaba que hablaras espanol. I am pleased to see that you are making things. After 20 years I suspect we have quite a lot we could catch up on, so drop me a line if you are so inclined.

Camille added these words on Feb 10 10 at 12:07 AM

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