Omernos / Amman, Jordan

Omar Al Zo’bi, Jordanian Designer


Above: Illustration by Omar Al Zo’bi, reads Rodda Lee E’tebaari. The work from this young Jordanian designer somehow strikes me as especially resonant and human. He has a very generous eye, and seems to have a truly sympathetic relationship with both his work and his subjects.




Above: A few more samples of Omar’s work. It is exciting to see this work in a contemporary global context. I am struck by how well Omar seems to blend both
a contemporary feel in his illustrations, but also address regional issues
and subtleties.

Take some time to examine his work through his own website here, or peruse the many examples on his Flickr page.


Above: Photo by Omar Al Zo’bi, from a photo essay of a trip to Cairo, Egypt on Flickr. Some really wonderful and insightful moments here.


Above: Faces Illustrated project also available here on Flickr.

Salaam, Omar! Shokran!

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