Aktuell / Extreme Winter Weather Advisory

Minneapolis cold, Art Warm, Mongo like.


In more exciting news, Inge (above) and Olaf
(below) enjoy their 5 seconds of fame courtesy
of the Snapshot Shanty (brilliant part of the ice
bound and brilliant Art Shanty Project).


Olaf love Inge.

3 Responses to “Aktuell / Extreme Winter Weather Advisory”

Olaf & Inge appear to be settling right into the Minneapolis “Guess Who’s Under All These Clothes” contest. We won’t know for sure until spring.

Stay Warm!

chuck added these words on Feb 09 08 at 11:07 AM

Glad to see you both looking healthy and happy…although we can’t really see Olaf’s face!!!

mamacas added these words on Feb 09 08 at 11:19 AM

Our doppelgångers were desert-dwellers who kicked sand and wore linen and sat poolside with Tigers. Goodbye, shifting dunes. Hello, Olaf, my coy and perspicacious viking love. –Inge

inge added these words on Feb 09 08 at 1:14 PM

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