World Press Photo of the Year

British Photographer Tim Hetherington wins 2007 Award


Above: Exhausted American Soldier by Tim Hetherington.

World Press Photo: “World Press Photo is run as an independent, non-profit organization with its office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where World Press Photo was founded in 1955.” A prestigious competition, their website also offers a vital resource through their online exhibitions.

Surely, this is an image that speaks to the entire world.

Geotypografika Kommentar: A humble proposal.

I would like to politely suggest that when this current administration leaves office,
the chief executive and his entire cabinet, past and present, and all responsible for this continuing quagmire, should voluntarily relocate to Baghdad were they can continue their good work. I am sure they would be welcome, since they assured the entire world of that fact in the first place. They will also want to commute to Afghanistan, where this photograph was taken, and roll up their sleeves to pitch in.

Surely, their sense of mission will not stop with the trifles of public office, mere commitments to truth, justice, and a constitution that is supposed to protect us from people like them. Moreover, it would be a huge loss to lose all of their combined experience, I am positive each and every member of this administration would be honored to continue the work they started, and help Iraq and Afghanistan
move forward.

Gentlemen, and later Madam, we need you yet! Do please stay on and help us all move forward. But what am I saying? Of course Halliburton und Co. will surely stay on in-country, to use a military term, so all is well. It will be as if the current administration had stayed, and the money will keep coming. The perfect circle.

I cite as a contrary and inspiring example the continuing career of Jimmy Carter, America’s finest ex-chief executive. Not only did he ask us to wear sweaters while he was still in office, for which he was reviled, he also later took up hammer and nail through Habitat for Humanity, and has continued to ceaselessly engage the most complex global discussions.

But, I imagine there is brush to be cleared on a ranch in Texas. Then there are those mountain-biking trails. Attractive distractions, to be sure.

Thank you, unknown soldier, and I am sorry. I hate to take such a cynical tone, but I invoke the memory of all that have died in this senseless conflict and can’t help but compare that to the scenes of a retiring ex-president and his cronies, complicit all, which we have been and will surely be subjected to again in the future.

In fact, I imagine our fearless leader is on vacation somewhere right now. I wonder, since they apparently enjoy having other people do this for them, are they shooting at each other for fun? The VP is quite an excellent shot, they say.

This is yet another photograph of the world’s broken heart. Why do we still need to see these images in the 21st Century? Where is our imagination, our creation?

We must reinvent the world, let them eat cake, we must work together
for a new global identity.

8 Responses to “World Press Photo of the Year”

Let’s get this to white house.

Dylan C. Lathrop added these words on Feb 08 08 at 11:19 AM

Well said Erik- we can only hope that a new dawn is coming……

Janice Brandt added these words on Feb 09 08 at 10:39 AM

Yes! If these wondrous “leaders” had the courage of their convictions like President Carter, they would not come close to commiting their country to the actions they have.

chuck added these words on Feb 09 08 at 11:21 AM

Well done Erik. Thanks for putting our thoughts into words. It makes me sick when I even try to voice my disgust with the present administration.

mamacas added these words on Feb 09 08 at 6:01 PM

Let’s get some contrarian views here. I’m guessing most of you were 1) too young to remember much about the Carter years and/or 2) you were living overseas. In Erik’s case both apply. I’m also guessing that none of the responders have served in the American military or you wouldn’t have applied your world views to this particular image. I’m amazed at the invective it spawned…

Your old man added these words on Feb 09 08 at 7:02 PM

This respondent served in the military from 1965 to 1968 and was living in this country during all the presidencies from Roosevelt 1944 thru both Bush presidencies. Though I was not at the age of reason for the Roosevelt, Truman and early Eisenhower years, I was politically conscious since the second Ike term. I was raised in a family that discussed politics and looked at all the sides of an issue. We valued all responses whether we were in the majority or the minority. We did not belittle contrarian opinions because they were not the same as ours, nor did we throw the patriotism card at the first sign of disagreement.

I’m sad that you feel the way you do, but President Carter was and is a good man. He was also, in the minds of many Americans, a good President. Even though he is often belittled about the oil crisis, he knew that this country was mortgaging the future of its upcoming generations chasing the dream of cheap oil. We didn’t get cheap oil, we let our gas guzzlers come back for the sake of the almighty SUV craziness. We were not reading the cards that were being dealt us. We allowed the chase for cheap oil to force us to forge alliances with many less than honest trading partners. The United States is now behind the rest of the modern world in the development of nuclear power, fuel cell, and hybrid vehicle development. It also has an administration that is spending money we do not have on ill advised wild goose chases. Which was justified on cooked intelligence, much as their acquaintances successes at Enron based their successes on cooked accounting figures. They have taken away civil liberties that many good Americans died to preserve and now spy on American citizens without going to the trouble of even getting search warrants.

With all they have done here it is easy to understand that the picture of a tired GI in a combat zone would raise anger. Not at the GI, he is to be supported and praised, but at the politicians and career politico’s that are commiting this countries finest men and women to fight and die in a very ill advised war.

I won’t go any further other than to say that I am a US Army veteran, who does not think that sending our soldiers into an area where we do not have enough men or equipment to control the roads, cities, and countryside is a good or advisable use of our men or women.

Erik was right on with his comments. There are many more Americans who feel the same as he.

chuck added these words on Feb 10 08 at 4:34 PM

I am sickened by the accusations made here that U.S. automakers lag behind the so called “rest of the world” in the development of energy conscious vehicles. Do none of you pinko losers give enough of a hoot to even watch the Superbowl and its fine array of terror fighting advertisements? See here:

THE OTHER JOHN STEWART added these words on Feb 11 08 at 9:08 PM

So much opinion, so little fact; but that’s what blogs are all about. But just one question: What civil liberties have been taken away from you and me?

Your old man added these words on Feb 16 08 at 5:24 AM

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