Premier League Responds to Globalization?

World’s most publicized League to export regular season fixtures


Above: Banner from The Sun (UK). From one of the world’s most respected newspapers (at least for sports coverage and high quality gossip), a cacophony of protest over the Premier League’s announced plans to add a fixture to the regular season to be played somewhere outside of England, with various cities competing to host these events.

From the Sun: Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore, “Football is a global phenomenon. This is a response to globalization. But it will only be one more game.” Legendary managers like Sir Alex and Harry Redknapp are none to pleased, and predict more, and then more games.

Geotypografika Kommentario The beautiful game is a wonderful microcosm of the wrestling with a globalized economic future, see UEFA’s struggles to redefine European labor laws to address the internationalization of what used to be “local” sides. Many national level managers blame the influx of foreign players into the leagues (FIFA chief Sepp Blatter recently explicitly warns against too many Brazilians in Europe!), on the poor performance of the side in international competition (see England’s recent trauma).

The apparently contradictory answer… hire a “foreign” coach, Fabio Capello.

This is just another example of how the world is responding to new market demands in this highly competitive age, one wonders of the world won’t be enough at some point.
I predict future stagnation of the international economy will reinvigorate our need for space travel.

Unless we can somehow break free from a life determined by commercial forces.

Reminder: 21st Century? New ideas needed badly. Back to the beginning,
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