Dylan C. Lathrop / Cityscape

A Book About a Sculpture That Speaks to the City


Dylan C. Lathrop writes: Cityscape is a book documenting the work of Arne Quinze in Brussels’ Quartier Louis. Quinze created a large, seemingly chaotic structure in 20 days out of wood and nails that re-contextualizes environment, context and design.

Some could call this architecture and others could call it sculpture, and maybe those struggles with definition are a trend of the growing global context. If the world grows in this now greener and more organic fashion, but the inherent needs of the human are safety structures, the information that a building or the work of Quinze can now fit into an undefinable role.

Also, Quinze has taken to the idea of communicating to the city. He does not distract the environment with his design structure, but rather moves it towards a different discussion altogether. An interesting and arresting idea when put into what we as students are coming to understand this semester.

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