Chuck Olsen / Minnesota Citizen Reporting

Local Reporter files with The Uptake from the deep South


Above: Still from We need God in our Governments by Chuck Olsen.
Filed on The UpTake by a Minneapolis citizen reporter Chuck Olsen,
founder of Minnesota Stories.

More On: Chuck Olsen is the founder of Minnesota Stories, called one of the best videoblogs by the New York Times and winner of two Vloggies Awards. He is the producer-director of “Blogumentary,” a documentary feature film about the rise of political and personal blogs. His work has screened at the Walker Art Center,
Harvard University, and on renegade laptops around the world. In politics, Chuck has helped the campaigns of Rep. Keith Ellison and Sen. John Edwards use online video successfully. Chuck is the Minneapolis correspondent for Rocketboom and works as a freelance producer, videographer, editor and educator. The rest of the time, Chuck serves as a scratching post for his cat, Mooki, who has his own videoblog but is not running for office.

More On: The Uptake. Scour around a massive selection of citizen video reporting on the current elections in the Estados Unidos. Interesting window to peer into. From their about page: “The UpTake is a media and technology services organization dedicated to advancing democracy through citizen journalism.”

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