Aktuell / New Iraqi Flag Design

From the BBC, a fascinating design problem.


The new design, hoisted today.


Detail of the till recently official flag.


A recent temporary flag, the type had been changed to reflect Kurdish membership. Remember, both lower examples read right to left, what of the new flag?

Very interesting fresh story developing here. Is this one of the most important contemporary design problems? How to satisfy a national identity that is so fractured, under occupation, and searching for a way forward. Does the new design seek optimism, hope? The crescent moon has shades of Turkish identity, and though used by such organizations as the Red Crescent (Red Cross), not adequate to solve this problem (politically and socially loaded in the region).

How to replace the seemingly vital phrase, “Allah is great,” without offending many, even if it was politically motivated (in Hussein’s revision of the flag)?

Link to the BBC Story here. The response from Iraqis themselves are the most interesting and varied (see a related story in CNN International).

Who is designing this for them? I feel strongly that not just the Iraqis, but the entire world also needs a truly representative flag, to help us all move forward from this trauma? Clearly, this war has sadly created the need for not just a (imposed) national reconciliation within Iraq, but a need for international reconciliation as well.

We need truly global thinkers to address this problem and new forms as well,
what an opportunity.

Somehow, we are all hoping to fly this flag, forward, to the future?

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that also ran in this weekends new york times

aj added these words on Feb 06 08 at 1:06 AM

Cheers, aj is right. Found the NYT story from Feb. 5 below. Mass confusion ALERT, their article does not mention the “new” flag the BBC is discussing, it only refers to the removal of the three stars (controversial enough, as it seems.


Thanks again, aj. Great site by the way.

Erik Brandt added these words on Feb 06 08 at 7:51 AM

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