Art Cars On Ice

Art Shanty Update via Colin Trechter


The intrepid Colin writes with this photograph of one of the art cars on Medicine Lake yesterday (see El Norte). As luck would have it, another intrepid Geotypografika camera was close by, and managed to remain unseen.


Inches separate them from Medicine Lake: (from left) Colin, Dylan, Jenny
Intrepid estudiantes, meet equally intrepid professor. Y’all have been scouted.

Apropo scouting…


I will be posting more data here soon with regard to my research in Qatar, where I also photographed hand-painted human re-brandings on trucks. I will be talking more about these issues in my talk at MCAD on Feb. 20th (see poster and details).

I love these trucks, painted over and over again and inevitably re-branded. They are melancholy evidence that even dead identities like Datsun somehow remain important, but then again why not?! These are signs of pride after all, not flashy or refined, simple human signs.

For more on this, click here for a link to some more images.

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Oh man, I’ve got another one, too. I’ll post tonight after I’m done with the internship, here.

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