El Norte

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Marchant, toujours marchant? Non, à pied, toujours à pied.


Cara mia, warum müssen wir immer zu Fuss gehen?

Look there! You see, Ton-Ton.


…for there is refuge in the distance, at last!


We were welcomed by kind-hearted people, and led through normal medical examination procedures.


We thought this a customs office at first, but we soon learned it was
called a shanty of misfit toys.


It seemed people here were encouraged to see beauty in the human love
for impossible or maybe forgotten things.


We found no doors closed to anyone, though we, understandably,
did not always go inside.


Sometimes, it was if people had turned their homes inside out to welcome you.


Here, they tried to teach us their songs written by a Mr. Hank Williams.


Here, we walked among them.


Here, we were photographed for identification purposes. The photographers were very kind. Their permit number was 07, which we saw as a good omen, and made no protest during the procedure, despite their scarlet letter.


These are two of the photographers.


They have very clean rabbits here.

Geotypografika images above were taken on site this Sunday February 3, 2008 on Medicine Lake outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Text is compete fiction, except for the very nice photographers part. Please visit the Art Shanty Project, and the Snapshot Shanty for more beautiful things.

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I went today too. Where are your robot photos.

Chris Burns added these words on Feb 03 08 at 8:15 PM

And where was our hello?

Colin Trechter added these words on Feb 03 08 at 8:28 PM

Now knowing the context I think it’s better to say “à pied, toujours à pied”…It puts the emphasis where I think you want it…I would change this, but that’s me. Off to Stockholm, but first to Newark…crazy blog…navigated it quite a bit this morning.

Your old man added these words on Feb 04 08 at 4:25 AM

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