Apropo Wisconsin / Derrick Buisch

Artist / Educator / 202c




Above: Three from his Circles series.

Professor Derick Buisch teaches and works in Madison, Wisconsin, the legendary left coast. Some insight here from the conclusion to his artist statement:

I believe in the importance of the reflective space provided by painting. I relish the slow time in both the making and the reading of the work. These paintings are a distilled chaos riddled with small incidences of uneasy hilarity, which creates a rigorous abstraction that is simultaneously evocative and elusive.

My work is inspired by the poetic potential of a new vocabulary of abstraction. The varied meanings and the material possibilities of pigment are fully explored. Future research will result with abstract paintings that will be resonant and unnerving.

For more on Derrick’s work, please visit his website at 202c.

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