Sayed Perwis Kambachsch

Sentenced to death for internet download in Afghanistan


Above: Sayed Perwis Kambachsch (Afghanistan). I came across this story in Die Welt, and can’t find an English version yet but I will try and update this post. From the article, it appears Kambachsch has been sentenced to death under Sharia law for downloading and distributing material from the internet that dealt with women’s rights.

He shared these downloads with fellow students and is now, following his conviction and sentencing, the subject of supportive protest not just from the West, but also growing opposition from within Afghanistan itself. Sad insight to the clear relativity of the information age, but “positive” in the growing voices of support from within?

Throw cut underwater cables (somewhere off Dubai’s coast, blamed for the recent internet downing across the region) into the mix and one can see just how tenuous the global infrastructure truly is. A snowstorm and a weak US dollar have slowed the Chinese economic dragon temporarily, and the global economy is still adjusting its belt.

Something about the super bowl here? Nope, but all the more reason to celebrate the banal and the human with the Art Shanty Project this weekend.


Above: Portrait from the Snapshot Shanty blog.
Within this context, a bizarre contrast of culture and climate
revealed in cloth and wool?

It is good to try and think of the whole world, all of the time.

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Genau jetzt……

…passiert das was ich in meinem letzten Post meinte! Ironie des Schicksals nennt man das wohl aber die Lage ist ernst und wir wollten Anfangen etwas gegen die Ungerechtigkeit zu tun! Kambachsch, ein afghanischer Journalist, wurde zum Tode verurt…

Dave Murdock - Haste nicht gesehen! added these words on Feb 04 08 at 6:38 PM

Quick translation of the above, this gentleman is advocating use of a banner which protests the judgment against Kambachsch. His name links to a page where you can download the banner which reads (rough translation from his German text): He is condemned to die, because he has criticized the Koran. For the right to free expression of opinion!”

Erik Brandt added these words on Feb 04 08 at 7:18 PM

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