Persian Gulf Studio Visit

Doha, Qatar: Manar Al-Muftah


Manar, featured earlier, is a young Qatari artist preparing for her upcoming show,
and has generously shared this glimpse into her studio.




Above: Various ephemera.


Above: Family.


Above: Cabbage Patch collection.


Like many of us, Manar is inspired by Reza Abedini. Here are some framed cards
she received from him.


Above: Manar found some plans for a press (not being able to find one),
and had this made from scratch.

Visit Manar’s profile on the Khatt Network here.

Gambade Manar! Fight-oh!

5 Responses to “Persian Gulf Studio Visit”

Greetings from Doha.

Thank you Mr.Brandt for your (always) support. I hope you could attend my exhibition on September.

Many thanks..

MANAR added these words on Jan 26 08 at 2:06 PM

Beth and I would love to be there, Manar. Keep making these beautiful things for all of us.

Erik Brandt added these words on Jan 26 08 at 3:29 PM

Mashallah, this is really amazing Amazing..I’m really proud of her and i wish her the best inshallah…
And i can’t wait to see the exhibition:)
Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures

Dana added these words on Mar 06 08 at 10:58 AM

Hi. I write you to ask if you send the Cabbage Patch collection or part of it. If some day you’ll decide to send it, please write me a e-mail. Thank you!

Silvia added these words on Jan 21 09 at 10:21 AM

hello Silvia,
what are you working on?! Is it a project?

MANAR added these words on Jan 21 09 at 11:25 AM

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