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Geotypografika Interview Questions Go to Eleven


Above: Old school days sketch from my Flügel Serie. 1997.
Photocopy, pencil, colored pencil.

I am very pleased to be posting some early returns from my interview request release last week. This list included artists, writers, typographers, graphic designers, students (young and old), professionals, and dear friends. I have three in the final stages now and hope to share those with you soon, the responses have been really positive and thought provoking. I have listed the questions below, though they will be included again with the posts. If interested in participating, feel free to write me at:

eb (at) geotypografika (dot) com

001 What developments are you following in the world of graphic design/
typography today?
002 What new developments are occurring specific to your location?
003 Given the astronomical growth (both current and especially projected) of the Indian and Chinese middle class/economies, how long before contemporary graphic design and typography finally recede from “Western” domination, and we see a new global vernacular arising? Or will we witness an inversion, where the dominant Eastern economies impose their visual vernacular?
004 How do you see yourself (or your work) involved in the global state of graphic design? Do you try and address this, for example, by searching for a contemporary voice in your work?
005 What avenues for research/global discussion do you regularly visit,
online or otherwise?
006 Are you optimistic about the future?

007 What are the most important elements/abilities for a young designer to master in today’s ultra-competitive world?
008 Is teaching typography and graphic design even possible at a truly global scale? How to account for an audience of this scale beyond the model of the
International Style, etc.?
009 Are you witnessing a migration of talent to the developing markets in the East?
010 Your ideas/issues/concerns here:

011 Do you feel a sense of an obligation to/concern for a growing global audience for your work in these times of international immediacy (i.e. The WWW)? If so, how do you approach this problem?

Please feel free to ignore all of these questions and provide instead any relevant matter that you wish published online.

Hope to have these up soon.


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