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Seen in Design Observer


Andrew Blauvelt reviews a new platform called Task in Design Observer, a collaboration between Emmet Byrne, Alex DeArmond, and John Seuda. Click here or the image above for a direct link to Task, but read this article as well, Blauvelt’s comments on “imagined” communities, i.e. blogs and magazines that cover our specific world, have a melancholy validity and he shares some keen insight. Indicative of the times, I think, and the general unease with what and how to identify what is truly contemporary (going on). It is not without a small amount of self-criticism that I especially appreciate Blauvelt’s perspective.

The sheer scale of the information available is truly mind boggling, without the traditional avenue and filter of review and exposure (the magazines), how do we keep track of what is going on? How do we create community in these imagined realms. Social networks are no longer new, and what kind of community are they anyway? We have to address these issues at a truly global scale, and simply force our minds to accept this new precondition.

We must always already be thinking of the entire world. Isn’t that a precondition of true sustainability?

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