Indian Tipografia and Middle Class Expansion

A startling contrast, everyday images and global scale economic shifts…


These images are street shops signs in Panaji, India. Taken last summer on our visit to Goa. These signs were a welcome find, as you can imagine, how wonderful it is to find your people, brothers and sisters in type! Humble and incredible, and very much everyday. What an inspiration.


(These four are just a small part of my collection. You can find more typographic/graphic images from around the world here.)



In high contrast the following from The Guardian (UK)
The most stunning fact in this article reveals itself mid-way through, (italics are mine), “This (the Indian economy) rapidly expanding market is potentially extremely lucrative, with the consultants McKinsey predicting the size of the Indian middle class will grow from 50 million now to 583 million by 2025.”

Tja, Freunde. The future ist now. Check it two times, y’all.


Yogi B n Nachathira Feat Lock Up, bringin’ it, yo.

I think it fair to say this is an example of a cultural virus (though immensely pleasing), a document on a newly emerging confidence that has clear precedents in American culture. There is nothing negative about this necessarily, one hopes for more for the future though (?), that could perhaps retain some of the humanity of the simple street shop signs. Then again, where wouldn’t that be appropriate and pleasing? To quote the sage, “I’ve got two words for you… keep it real.”

But what am I talking about, everyone knows about the amazing transformation, both economic, cultural, and visual, that is taking place in India today. Or do we?

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