Onomatopee: Featured in Resources

Eindhoven based co-lab, founded by Remco van Bladeland
and Freek Lomme

omp03a.jpg omp03b.jpg

In their own words:Onomatopee is an Eindhoven and Amsterdam based publishing label for art publications and presentations, specializing in poetry, typography and sound art and dedicated to site specific, contextual projects.”

I can still remember coming across these images for the first time, delightfully bland and erotic and not at all erotic. I had the chance to meet these two only very briefly and promptly purchased their DVD Silent Jokes, as well as the book (beautifully designed), Vis à Vue. Cheers to Harmen Liemburg for letting me tag along on his day trip to Eindhoven that day. (More on him later.)


Above: spread from Vis à Vue by Erik de Haas.

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