Master Calligraphers

Haji Noor Deen and Brody Neuenschwander


An old student from Qatar sent me this information this morning on master calligrapher, Haji Noor Deen Mi Guang Jiang. Take some time to consider this testament to the possibilities of both learning about and accepting other cultures, but also successfully mastering both and finding harmony through these amazing projections.

From his own website, “Haji Noor Deen Mi Guang Jiang is a renowned master of Arabic calligraphy. Born in 1963 in Shangdong province, China, he brings an immense learning in traditional thought and Islamic art to a modern audience, juxtaposing them in a new calligraphic style all his own, both Eastern and Western.”

Of course my student’s message reminded me of the work of another great master, please see the stunning work of Brody Neuenschwander (example below or click). His calligraphic odyssey has studiously explored various cultures, famously exposed in Peter Greenaway’s The Pillow Book, for example. Brody is also an enthusiastic and dynamic lecturer, and his mastery also embraces new forms – such as the brilliant pen he fashions from aluminum cans (I saw him share this with students at the Kitabat Conference in Dubai, 2006).


Above: Brody Neuenschwander, Z-T, 2000

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