Fresh ficciones typografika…

Letraset type fictions and conglomerates.


Above: Megan

Fresh from my current GD2 gruppetto, all are made with Letraset type and set within scaled units that can be enlarged to 24×36 inches. This exercise is helpful in gaining experience with thinking and working at scale, as well as exploring the immediacy and comfort of working by hand. There is an intimacy that comes with these old techniques and materials that is lost when trying to find “answers” in what software can permit you to do.


Above: Sonja

This project first started some time ago with an experiment of mine at Penn State University (and continued later at VCUQatar under the operative title, finding a way to and from form). Some more examples and variations can be found in the teaching section of my Typografika site. Please feel free to write for a project overview, and use it in your own classes. Particularly effective for beginning and advanced levels, the units can also be filled in with a light table and, gasp, tracing techniques. There are obvious possibilities for the addition of color experiments, etc. and you can see many of these in the teaching section.


Above: Monika


Above: Monarose


Above: Andrea


Above: Riley


Above: Andy


Above: Adina


Above: Tess


Above: Lindsey


Above: Riley (detail)

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these are so sweet and cryptic!
ohhh, bless the lettraset.

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